May 15, 2012

Episode 29: Zac Damon

Our interview series continues with singer, songwriter, guitarist Zac Damon (Zoinks!, Big In Japan, Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun, Crushstory, & a brief stint w/ Common Rider featuring Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy) We talk about his current band Miracle Drugs and their 7 inch you can get at Rally Records website
After the interview we learned Jeromy's hip hop name, continued talk about Jeromy's Batman tattoo. We play Christian Bale's rant for the first time for Sam to which leads us into American Psycho talk. We also play the Poop Song and the show falls apart at the last 60 seconds.
CONTEST!!!!! Jeromy bought 2 copies of the Miracle Drugs 7 inch. One for himself and one for possibly YOU!!! Here's how it works 1: Go to and LIKE our Facebook Page (if you already do you are 1 step ahead from everyone else) 2: Comment on the post from our FB page (not what everyone else has shared)that has this episode. Episode 29: Zac Damon. It doesn't have to be a long comment but just comment. The 10th person to comment wins the Grimace Purple 7 inch.
Good Luck.