May 22, 2012

Episode 30: Brandon Reilly

This week our host have on Mr. Brandon Reilly. Brandon is the lead singer and guitarist of Nightmare Of You. We had a chat about him being a new dad, his history, the bands history, being musically minimalist, and how the band is releasing new songs. We play Out Of My Mind and we also play We Will Play The Victim. Go to their website and buy their music. 
After the interview we discuss that Goin Places sent us a care package with t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and their first CD Girl Song Writing 101. and finally in another plug the great people over at Merman Records sent us a copy of the Dan Vapid and the Cheats split with The Jetty Boys. 
Once all the plugging was done we talked about Indiana Jones movies, Sam did a synopsis of The Social Network that was spot on even though he didn't see the movie. Jeromy visited his grandma for mothers day but not his mother. The term "poverty chips" made an appearance and Jeromy and Sam share a wine glass of whiskey. Enjoy., Twitter: @TuesdayNightPod, Facebook:,