Sep 18, 2012

This Friday is a Big Reason to Tune In

Yes! You heard right.
John Jughead Pierson will be hosting a monthly radio show right here at
On Friday September 21st 10p.m. Central time 11p.m. Eastern. We will be examining the The Repo Man Soundtrack. With pieces performed by specials guests:Molly Brennan, Danny Thompson, Matt O'Neill, Stephen Walker,Gregory S. Allen, Graham Rae, and Eric T Roth

With interviews of Musicians and producers and 
cuts from the newly released cover album of Repo Man:mike watt (Minutemen, firehose, The Missing Men, and The Stooges)
Joe Spadaro (Label Owner American Laundromat Records)
And more....

You can listen live or (later) download it at

Just click on the USTREAM Link on the TOP of the page
You can participate live by listening and contacting me between

10pm Central 11pm Eastern time September 21st via skype at: jugheadsbasement