Feb 18, 2013

John Needs Your Help!

I am always looking for help on contacting musicians to be interviewed.  If you know how to contact anyone in the following bands, or acquainted with the following bands please email me at jugheadsbasement@gmail.com

Upcoming Jughead's Basement Episodes

March: The Queers' Don't Back Down
Interviews with:
Joe Queer, B-Face, Wimpy Rutherford
With Pieces by:
John Jughead & Kevin Aper (More to be announced)

April: The Circle Jerks' Golden Shower Of Hits
Interviews with:
Keith Morris (More interviews to be announced)
With Pieces by:
Steve Walker, Eric T. Roth, Reverend Norb, Michael T. Fournier

May: The Feelies' Good Earth or DEVO's Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!  (Depending on which I can get interviews for)

June: Naked Raygun's Throb Throb  (Co-Hosted with Dan Vapid)
Interviews of band members:
Jeff Pezzati, John Haggerty, Camilo Ganzalez, Eric Spicer
With Pieces by:
Jim DeRogatis, Dan Vapid, John Jughead & Eric T. Roth