Mar 5, 2013

Jughead's Basement Episode 5: Rain Dogs

In this month's episode, John and friends examine Tom Waits' 1985 release, Rain Dogs. Featuring pieces performed by Ryan Good, Greg Allen, Joe Janes, Don Hall, Mike O'Connel, Jen Ellison, Bilal Dardai, Cara Francis, Ian Belknap, Steve Walker, Daniel Kerr-Hobert, and of course, John "Jughead" Pierson himself.

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1. Singapore - Ryan Good                           2. Clap Hands - Greg Allen

3. Cemetery Polka (Nobody)                       4. Jockey Full of Bourbon - Joe Janes

5. Tango Till They're Sore - Don Hall        6. Big Black Mariah - John Jughead Pierson

7. Diamonds & Gold - Mike O'Connel       8. Hand Down Your Head (Nobody)

9. Time - Jen Ellison                                    10. Rain Dogs - Bilal Dardai

11. Midtown (Nobody)                                12. 9th & Hennepin - Cara Francis

13. Gun Street Girl - Ian Belknap             14. Union Square (Nobody)

15. Blind Love - Steve Walker                  16. Walking Spanish - Matt Dwyer

17. Downtown Train (Nobody)                18. Bride of Rain Dog (Nobody)

19. Anywhere I Lay My Head - Daniel Kerr-Hobert

The original intention of Jughead's Basement was not to conduct interviews of band members, but only to spotlight some of my favorite writers writing about some of my favorite records. But that quickly veered towards having a few interviews since I enjoy having conversations about music and creativity. I now like the balance of both interviews and writers. I had scheduled Tom Wait's Rain Dogs before seeking interviews became a facet. Instead I gathered together the best of my favorite writers, and they shared their stories and thoughts on one of the best singer/songwriters of the last few decades: Tom Waits. I did try to get an interview with him, but with no success. Really it was a pipe dream, a quixotic challenge I gave myself. I do plan on continuing my effort to get an interview with him, which I would instantly sprinkle on top of this podcast. But until then this single podcast represents the purity of my original idea.