Apr 22, 2014

Season 2 Episode 95: Speaking of Corey Feldman

This week we have Walking Dead season finale, Jeromy saw Capn' Murica, 
and Sam watched Anchorman 2. Pitch Perfect is a great movie. 
We broke a personal record for a certain word said. Breaking Bad is the Walking Dead prequil? We are now featured on Disasterradio.net. Hosted by radio personality, the great Ray Lytle. Follow Ray on twitter. No one cares about Letterman retiring. True Detective talk. 
This weeks Middle of the Episode song is by The Isotopes
The Goonies 2? Nope nope nope. Speaking of Cory Feldman.... We find out the Sci Fi channel is making a 12 Monkeys TV show. Nick does a great George Takei. The fat guy from the Barenaked Ladies get mentioned by anyone since being kicked out. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame News. 

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